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Rondo in C minor Op. 1

Title: Rondo Pour Le Piano, Op. 1

Title page:
RONDO|Pour LE Piano|dédié à|Madame de Linde|PAR|F. CHOPIN|Op. 1. Pr. 6.f|Paris, chez Maurice Schlesinger, Rue Richelieu, 97

Dedication: A Madame de Linde

Publisher: M. Schlesinger

Publication date: IX 1836

Place of publication: France, Paris

Plate number: M. S. 1986

Format: 36 cm

Number of pages: 13



Incorrect plate number - M. S. 1989 - placed on page 9.

The alternative version for four hands appeared probably at the same time as the original one for two hands. In M. Schlesinger's advertisement in Revue et Gazette Musicale No. 35 from the 22nd of August 1837 he mentioned both versions. In the German edition the two-hand version was printed earlier.

Other editions:

Rondo in C minor Op. 1 (Polish, Brzezina)
Rondo in C minor Op. 1 (German, A.M. Schlesinger)
Rondo in C minor Op. 1 (German, Hofmeister)
Rondo in C minor Op. 1 (English, Wessel & Co.)

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