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Leon Boruński

Leon Boruński

Leon Boruński

*1909 Petersburg, †1942 Otwock k. Warszawy

Winner seventh award II Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw (1932).

Leon Boruński was born 1909 in St. Petersburg. After Poland regained independence in 1918 the Boruński family returned to their homeland and settled in Łódź. There the nine year-old boy began his musical education under Feliks Halpern, one of the best piano teachers in the city. He entered the Chopin Higher Music Academy when he was 19, where he became a student on Prof. Józef Śmidowicz's piano class. He completed his studies in 1932

Three months before his diploma examinations at the Academy, he took part in the Second Chopin Competition (6-23 March 1932), winning the 7th award. One year later (1933) he took part in the International Music Competition in Vienna where the jury, consisting of many eminent musicians (including among others Wanda Landowska, Ignacy Friedman, Moritz Rosenthal and Józef Turczyński), awarded him the diploma for semi-finalist.

Leon Boruński began his concert career during his studies in Warsaw. He was shortly recognised as a sensitive musician who – as one critic wrote following a recital – "displays a subtle talent for interpretation and very well developed technique, which indicates a good school and serious aspirations".

Leon Boruński was a multifaceted musician. He was endowed with inborn musicality he had great ease as a pianist but also had improvisational and composition skills. It was certainly these latter that caused that he, after several years of developing his virtuoso career, dedicated himself to working in Warsaw’s repertory theatres where as a musical improviser and accompanist his talents could be fully utilised. For these theatres he wrote stage, popular and jazz music. He also wrote more ambitious pieces such as Piano Concerto, Children's Symphony, songs for voice and piano as well as piano miniatures.

Unfortunately all of Boruński's compositions were lost during World War II. The artist himself died tragically in 1942 in Otwock near Warsaw.

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