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Abram Lufer

Abram Lufer

Abram Lufer

*25 VIII 1905 Kijów, †13 VII 1948 Kijów

Abram Lufer – 4th Prize winner, 2nd International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw (1932). Abram Lufer started his musical education at the Music School in Kiev with Professor G. Beklemishev, and graduated in 1925. Subsequently he enrolled for the Lysenko Musical Institute in Kiev. He completed his studies there in 1928, graduating with honours. Subsequently he started teaching piano at the Institute; from 1929 on he was Head of the Piano Department.

Aside from his teaching work, from 1929 Lufer developed his stage career in Ukraine. In 1930, he was awarded 1st Prize at the All-Ukrainian Piano Competition in Kharkov. Two years later (1932), he enjoyed international success taking 4th Prize at the Chopin Competition in Warsaw. He won this prize as a result of a draw, having the same number of points as Bolesław Kon (competition rules did not allow for awards ex aequo).

Music of the great Romantics – Schumann, Liszt, Chopin – was at the core of Lufer’s repertoire, but he also championed works of modern composers, particularly from the Ukraine – Victor Kosenko, Boris Lyatoshinsky and Lev Revutsky.

In 1934 Lufer was entrusted with reforming musical education in Kiev, as a result of which the Musical Technicum and the musical departments of different schools were incorporated into the Conservatoire. One year later he received the title of Conservatoire professor. Between 1941 and 1944 he was director of the Conservatoire in Sverdlovsk as well director of the special piano department.

After the war Lufer returned to Kiev, where he became director of the Conservatoire, a post he kept until his death in 1948. Aside from his positions at various music schools, in 1930–1941 and 1944–1946 he was a soloist with the Kiev Philharmonic and Kiev Radio.

One of Lufer’s many students was Tatiana Goldfarb, award winner at the 1937 Chopin Competition.

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