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Antoni Grudziński

Antoni Grudziński

Antoni Grudziński, comes from a family with rich musical traditions. His grandfather, Antoni Grudziński, was a composer, pianist and director of the Institute of Music in Warsaw, and his father, Czesław Grudziński, was an esteemed composer and teacher. After gaining his music school diploma as a piano major, he completed his studies on the Musicology Department of Warsaw University.

Since the beginning of the seventies he has pursued writing and journalistic work as a music reviewer on the pages of many Polish periodicals. Initially, he worked as a music-school teacher, then as an expert on classical music at the Polish artistic agency Pagart. He was also head of the concert section at the Warsaw Music Society. For many years he worked with the Polish Piano Festival in Słupsk as a member of the repertoire committee, for which he received a medal 'for services to the city of Słupsk'.

Antoni Grudziński is also the author of numerous programme notes for CDs and cassettes released by Polish and foreign record labels, and co-author, with his brother Albert Grudziński, of the book Kult Chopina w Polsce [The Chopin cult in Poland], published in Poland and Albania, and with Józef Sikorski of a book on the musical life of nineteenth-century Warsaw.

Since 1998 he has been a member of the board of the Fryderyk Chopin Society in Warsaw and the International Fryderyk Chopin Foundation. He was co-organiser and juror of the First Chopin Competition in Albania (Tirana 1996) and the Chopin Festival in Tirana (1999 and 2002), and also a member of the jury of the fifth and sixth editions of the International Phonographic Competition 'Grand Prix du Disque Frédéric Chopin', held every five years during successive editions of the International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. In the years 1996-2005 he worked actively in ten editions of the festival 'Floralia Muzyczne - Muzyka w Kwiatach' held in the PAN Botanical Gardens in Powsin, and he also devised the 'Pianists' Marathon' for entrants in the Fifteenth International Chopin Competition. Antoni Grudziński also organises concerts and Chopin-related competitions in many schools, including in Kock, Babsk, Żychlin and Julianopol.

He is the author of a work about Polish music in the book The Polish Cultural and Scientific Heritage at the Dawn of the Third Millennium, published in London in 2003 (ed. Professor Edward Szczepanik, the last prime minister of the Government of the Polish Republic in Exile). Antoni Grudziński is currently preparing a guidebook to Fryderyk Chopin's oeuvre and less familiar aspects of his biography-financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture.

Since November 2005 Antoni Grudziński has been Director General of the Fryderyk Chopin Society in Warsaw. On 4 December 2005 he was appointed to the Programme Committee of the Fryderyk Chopin Institute.


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