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Antonin  Musset

Antonin Musset

Antonin  Musset

Born in Paris, in 1996, he started learning cello at the age of seven with Alexandre Lacour. He studied at Paris Regional Conservatory with Hélène Dautry and Matthieu Lejeune, and also had lessons with Philippe Muller and Roland Pidoux. He has attended masterclasses with Julius Berger, Claudio Pasceri, Gérard Wyss, Jens Peter Maintz and Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt. Since 2014, he has studied with Antonio Meneses at the Hochschule der Künste Bern. He has played in many countries in Europe, both as a chamber musician and as a soloist. He won first prize in the Luigi Nono International Chamber Music Competition with the Italian pianist Angiola Rocca. In 2017, he received a scholarship from the International Academy of Music in Liechtenstein. In 2018, he won a special prize for his performance of Chopin’s Sonata in G minor, Op. 65 at the Witold LutosÅ‚awski International Cello Competition. He is currently an apprentice with the Sinfonieorchester Basel. He plays a cello made by Fabrice Girardin (Switzerland, 2012), courtesy of the Fondation Boubo-Music Switzerland.


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