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Piotr Rytel

Piotr Rytel

Piotr Rytel

*16 V 1884 Wilno, †2 I 1970 Warszawa

Composer, teacher and music critic. Between 1903 and 1908 he studied piano with Aleksander Michałowski and composition with Zygmunt Noskowski in the Institute of Music in Warsaw.

In 1911 his symphonic poem "The dream of Dante" Op. 7had been awarded in the Composers' Competition commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Warsaw Philharmonic. 

Between 1911 and 1939 he was a lecturer in the Institute of Music - taught harmony, music forms and the piano.

He published many articles, essays and reviews, beginning in 1908 up till 1963. He cooperated with such journals as: "Nowościach Muzyczne", "Scena i Sztuka", "Kultura", "Gazeta Warszawska" (1920-35), "Tygodnik Warszawski", "Słowo Powszechne", "Gazeta Ludowa" (1946-49), "Kuriera Polska", "Ruch Muzyczny", "Muzyka" and "Teatr".

He was the teacher of such famous Polish artists as: Tadeusz Baird, Włodzimierz Kotoński i Andrzej Markowski.


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