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Teodor Gutman

Teodor Gutman

Teodor Gutman

*11 XI 1905 Kijów, †1985

Teodor Gutman – 8th Prize winner, 2nd International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw (1932). Teodor Gutman studied the piano at the Moscow Conservatoire with Henry Neuhaus, graduating in 1930. In 1932, he took the 8th Prize at the Chopin Competition in Warsaw and one year later, 3rd Prize at the All-Soviet Musical Performance Competition in Moscow.

Already before World War II Mr. Gutman had developed his stage career, and he was particularly renowned for his interpretations of works by Beethoven and Chopin.

From 1950 onwards Gutman rarely performed, sporadically appearing in Moscow. In 1965 for a 40th jubilee anniversary celebration, he gave a recital of his favourite composers: Beethoven and Chopin. Twenty years later (1985) another concert was organized to celebrate Gutman’s 60th jubilee. At the time, it was written of him that:

“regardless of what Gutman is playing – Beethoven’s sonatas, Chopin’s mazurkas, Medtner or Schumann, Liszt or Miaskovsky – one can certainly feel that the key motive of his performance will be ‘beauty’, in the best sense of the word. Striving to disclose the beauty of the musical universe in all its complexity to his students, rendering them sensitive to this beauty, and consequently bringing it to life in tangible way in playing – that is the foundation of the Gutman school. This is something that neither his students nor anyone who ever participated in one of the Professor’s open lessons, can deny.”

The emphasis in Gutman’s artistic work always lay in his teaching work which he began immediately after completing his studies at the Moscow Conservatoire. Initially he taught at the Conservatoire but from 1948 onwards, he also became professor at the Gnessin Music Institute in Moscow. With time he established a strong teaching position, becoming an authority in the field of piano performance.

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