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Leonid Sagalov

Leonid Sagalov

Leonid Sagalov

*1910 Charkov, †1940 Moskwa

Leonid Sagalov – 4th Prize winner, 2nd International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw (1932). Leonid Sagalov began his piano education at the Music School in Kharkov, and continued it at the Musical-Theatrical Institute in Kharkov under Professors Yevgeny Luchenko and Mykola Polevsky.

His participation in the 1932 Chopin Competition in Warsaw, where he took 4th Prize, was a turning point in Sagalov’s career. In 1932 he played two more times in Warsaw. After returning to the Ukraine, he continued his career in Kharkov, Kiev and other cities, and also established himself at the Kharkov Conservatoire as a lecturer and from 1939 onwards as professor of piano.

In 1940, escaping from the advancing Nazi army, Sagalov managed to reach Moscow where he died in unknown circumstances.

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