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Dmitri Sakharov

Dmitri Sakharov

Dmitri Sakharov

*5 XII 1937 Czelabińsk

Dmitri Sakharov – 9th Prize winner, 5th International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw (1955).

Dmitri Sakharov learned piano at the Music School in Gorki (1945–1948) and at the Central Special Music School of the Moscow Conservatoire (1948–1957) where he was a student of Professor Anaida Sumbatian. In 1957 he entered the Moscow Conservatoire, studying with Lev Oborin and graduating in 1962. Subsequently, he continued his apprenticeship with the same tutor (1962–1965).

In 1955, while still a pupil of the Central Special Music School, Mr. Sakharov entered the Chopin Competition in Warsaw and was awarded 9th prize. Seven years later (1962) he participated in the Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, coming 8th. In 1964, he took part in the Queen Elizabeth Competition but was not awarded.

For over 40 years, Mr. Sakharov played throughout the Soviet Union. He is remembered by audiences and music critics for his original programming. At some recitals he would only play pieces by Mussorgsky and Balakirev. He was also responsible for several first performances, including Sidelnikov’s Concerto for Piano and Russian Folk Instruments Orchestra (1978). In the 1980s, Sakharov often gave monographic recitals dedicated to Bach, Handel and Schumann, which were very well received by the public. He eventually emigrated from the Soviet Union.

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