Chopin and his Europe Chopin and his Europe

Hinrich Alpers Hinrich Alpers - German pianist , 1st Prize winner of the 3rd International Telekom Beethoven Competition in Bonn. more »

Festival concerts: 30.08.2007

Andrzej Bauer Andrzej Bauer - Polish cellist, winner of the ARD International Competition in Munich. more »

Festival concerts: 17.08.2007

Kristian Bezuidenhout Kristian Bezuidenhout - Ppianist and pedagogue, versatile keyboard player who performs regularly on fortepiano, harpsichord and modern piano. more »

Festival concerts: 27.08.2007

Frans Brüggen Frans Brüggen - Expert in the performance of eighteenth-century music, musicologist and conductor. more »

Festival concerts: 27.08.2007, 28.08.2007

Stanisław Bunin Stanisław Bunin - world-famous Russian pianist and pedagogue, won 1st Prize at 11th International Chopin Competition. more »

Festival concerts: 31.08.2007

Ka Ling Colleen Lee Ka Ling Colleen Lee - Pianist, prize-winner of the 15th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. more »

Festival concerts: 20.08.2007

Michel  Dalberto Michel Dalberto - Pianist, the winner of the Leeds International Piano Competition in 1978. more »

Festival concerts: 16.08.2007

Peter Donohoe Peter Donohoe - Widely regarded as one of the world’s finest concert pianists. more »

Festival concerts: 29.08.2007

Nelson Freire Nelson Freire - One of the very finest piano virtuosos around. Distinguished with state awards in many countries, he has performed in the leading concert halls and worked with the most outstanding soloists, conductors and orchestras. more »

Festival concerts: 24.08.2007

Ryszard Groblewski Ryszard Groblewski - Polish viola player, highly valued soloist and chamber musician, winner of many prestigious music competitions. more »

Festival concerts: 17.08.2007

Jakub Jakowicz Jakub Jakowicz - Studied violin with his father, Krzysztof Jakowicz, at the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw. He was also the last pupil of Tadeusz Wroński. more »

Festival concerts: 17.08.2007

Jacek Kaspszyk Jacek Kaspszyk - Polish conductor. Since 2008, he has participated regularly in the ‘Chopin and his Europe' festival. Since 2013 artistic director of the Warsaw Philharmonic. more »

Festival concerts: 18.08.2007, 24.08.2007

Kevin Kenner Kevin Kenner - Famous pianist, teacher and chamber musician, winner of Second Prize in the 12th International Chopin Competition. more »

Festival concerts: 18.08.2007

Krzysztof Knittel Krzysztof Knittel - Polish composer of mostly chamber, stage and electroacoustic works. more »

Festival concerts: 16.08.2007

Jerzy Kornowicz Jerzy Kornowicz - Polish composer, member of the group called "Kawalerowie błotni" [Mud Cavaliers]. more »

Festival concerts: 16.08.2007

Ryszard Latecki Ryszard Latecki - Polish musician, multiinstrumentalist. more »

Festival concerts: 16.08.2007

George Emmanuel Lazaridis George Emmanuel Lazaridis - Greek pianist, whose playing has been characterized as "special enough to be beyond comparison". more »

Festival concerts: 23.08.2007

Mieczysław Litwiński Mieczysław Litwiński - Polish composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, whose music is "full of harmony and lively". more »

Festival concerts: 16.08.2007

Barbara Makowska Okoń Barbara Makowska Okoń

Festival concerts: 16.08.2007

Alexander Melnikov Alexander Melnikov - Regarded as one of the finest Russian pianists of his generation. more »

Festival concerts: 19.08.2007