Chopin and his Europe Chopin and his Europe

Hinrich Alpers Hinrich Alpers - German pianist , 1st Prize winner of the 3rd International Telekom Beethoven Competition in Bonn. more »

Festival concerts: 30.08.2007

Andrzej Bauer Andrzej Bauer - Polish cellist, won couple of important music awards, recorded highly valued CD's. more »

Festival concerts: 17.08.2007

Kristian Bezuidenhout Kristian Bezuidenhout - Ppianist and pedagogue, versatile keyboard player who performs regularly on fortepiano, harpsichord and modern piano. more »

Festival concerts: 27.08.2007

Frans Brüggen Frans Brüggen - Expert in the performance of eighteenth-century music, musicologist and conductor. more »

Festival concerts: 27.08.2007, 28.08.2007

Stanisław Bunin Stanisław Bunin - world-famous Russian pianist and pedagogue, won 1st Prize at 11th International Chopin Competition. more »

Festival concerts: 31.08.2007

Ka Ling Colleen Lee Ka Ling Colleen Lee - Pianist, prize-winner of the 15th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. more »

Festival concerts: 20.08.2007

Michel  Dalberto Michel Dalberto - Pianist, the winner of the Leeds International Piano Competition in 1978. more »

Festival concerts: 16.08.2007

Peter Donohoe Peter Donohoe - Widely regarded as one of the world’s finest concert pianists. more »

Festival concerts: 29.08.2007

Nelson Freire Nelson Freire

Festival concerts: 24.08.2007

Ryszard Groblewski Ryszard Groblewski - Polish viola player, highly valued soloist and chamber musician, winner of many prestigious music competitions. more »

Festival concerts: 17.08.2007

Jakub  Jakowicz Jakub Jakowicz - Studied violin with his father, Krzysztof Jakowicz, at the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw. He was also the last pupil of Tadeusz Wroński. more »

Festival concerts: 17.08.2007

Jacek Kaspszyk Jacek Kaspszyk - Polish conductor. Since 2008, he has participated regularly in the ‘Chopin and his Europe' festival. Since 2013 artistic director of the Warsaw Philharmonic. more »

Festival concerts: 18.08.2007, 24.08.2007

Kevin Kenner Kevin Kenner - Famous pianist, teacher and chamber musician, winner of Second Prize in the 12th International Chopin Competition. more »

Festival concerts: 18.08.2007

Krzysztof Knittel Krzysztof Knittel - Polish composer of mostly chamber, stage and electroacoustic works. more »

Festival concerts: 16.08.2007

Jerzy Kornowicz Jerzy Kornowicz - Polish composer, member of the group called "Kawalerowie błotni" [Mud Cavaliers]. more »

Festival concerts: 16.08.2007

Ryszard Latecki Ryszard Latecki - Polish musician, multiinstrumentalist. more »

Festival concerts: 16.08.2007

George Emmanuel Lazaridis George Emmanuel Lazaridis - Greek pianist, whose playing has been characterized as "special enough to be beyond comparison". more »

Festival concerts: 23.08.2007

Mieczysław Litwiński Mieczysław Litwiński - Polish composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, whose music is "full of harmony and lively". more »

Festival concerts: 16.08.2007

Barbara Makowska Okoń Barbara Makowska Okoń

Festival concerts: 16.08.2007

Alexander Melnikov Alexander Melnikov - Regarded as one of the finest Russian pianists of his generation. more »

Festival concerts: 19.08.2007