Chopin and his Europe Chopin and his Europe

Yulianna Avdeeva Yulianna Avdeeva - Russian pianist, winner of the 16th International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw (2010). Also a prize-winner of several other international competitions. more »

Festival concerts: 22.08.2008

Kristian Bezuidenhout Kristian Bezuidenhout - pianist and pedagogue, versatile keyboard player who performs regularly on fortepiano, harpsichord and modern piano more »

Festival concerts: 26.08.2008, 28.08.2008, 29.08.2008

Frans Brüggen Frans Brüggen - Expert in the performance of eighteenth-century music, musicologist and conductor. more »

Festival concerts: 28.08.2008, 29.08.2008

Wendy Chen Wendy Chen - American pianist - soloist and chamber musician. more »

Festival concerts: 23.08.2008

Nikolai Demidenko Nikolai Demidenko - Russian pianist, works closely with the St Petersburg Philharmonic. more »

Festival concerts: 16.08.2008, 18.08.2008

Isabelle Faust Isabelle Faust - Tallented violinist, won First Prize in the Premio Paganini in Genoa. more »

Festival concerts: 25.08.2008

Philippe Giusiano Philippe Giusiano - French pianist, 2nd Prize winner, 13th International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition. more »

Festival concerts: 27.08.2008

Markus Groh Markus Groh - German pianist and chamber musician, won prizes in many prestigious competitions. more »

Festival concerts: 26.08.2008

Maciej Grzybowski Maciej Grzybowski - Polish pianist and chamber musician. In 2014, he made his third tour of the US (Seattle, Sarasota). In 2015, he performed in Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. more »

Festival concerts: 17.08.2008

François-Frédéric Guy François-Frédéric Guy - French pianist of astonishing expressiveness, with immaculate pianistic technique, foremost pianists of his generation. more »

Festival concerts: 31.08.2008

Rudolf Jansen Rudolf Jansen - Pianist, specialised in the art of accompaniment, professor of accompaniment at the Sweelinck Conservatory. more »

Festival concerts: 19.08.2008

Jacek Kaspszyk Jacek Kaspszyk - Polish conductor. Since 2008, he has participated regularly in the ‘Chopin and his Europe' festival. Since 2013 artistic director of the Warsaw Philharmonic. more »

Festival concerts: 15.08.2008, 16.08.2008, 17.08.2008

Kevin Kenner Kevin Kenner - Famous pianist, teacher and chamber musician, winner of Second Prize in the 12th International Chopin Competition. more »

Festival concerts: 28.08.2008

Michie Koyama Michie Koyama - Japanese pianist, won IVth Prize in XIth Chopin Piano Competition. more »

Festival concerts: 20.08.2008

Piers Lane Piers Lane - Australian pianist and chamber musician, artistic director of many festivals. more »

Festival concerts: 27.08.2008

Jan Lisiecki Jan Lisiecki - Extraordinary talent, one of the most sensational young artists. He has received many prestigious awards, including the Leonard Bernstein Award of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival and Gramophone magazine's Young Artist of the Year Award in 2013. more »

Festival concerts: 21.08.2008

Alexei Lubimov Alexei Lubimov - Russian pianist and harpsichordist. more »

Festival concerts: 30.08.2008

Alexander Melnikov Alexander Melnikov - Regarded as one of the finest Russian pianists of his generation. more »

Festival concerts: 25.08.2008

Olli Mustonen Olli Mustonen - Famous pianist, conductor and composer, worked with world's leading orchestras. more »

Festival concerts: 31.08.2008

Janusz Olejniczak Janusz Olejniczak - Polish pianist and teacher, winner of Sixth Prize in the 8th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. more »

Festival concerts: 16.08.2008, 23.08.2008, 29.08.2008