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news 29.08.2011 Strong touch - women's attack
This year's festival Chopin and his Europe has been dominated by pianists with dynamite in their fingers. In comparison many male pianists seem a bit like delicate, subtle and less manly figures. more »

news 29.08.2011 Hits and discoveries
Those who prefer listening to well known pieces will surely be satisfied. And those who are waiting for some music discovery will also find something to be pleased with. The last week of the festival should be satisfying for everyone. more »

news 24.08.2011 Warsaw music feast with Chopin and Liszt
Not only the music of Chopin will be present at the 7th Festival Chopin and his Europe. An important place was given to Liszt due to the 200th anniversary of his birth. more »

news 23.08.2011 Live broadcast of festival concerts
Polish Radio invites all music lovers to the live broadcasts of selected festival concerts. more »

news 23.08.2011 Philippe Herreweghe: Steppe is great piece of music!
An exclusive interview with Philippe Herreweghe concerning Noskowski's symphonic poem. more »

news 19.08.2011 Dancing with classics
Laureates of the last Chopin Piano Competition on the festival Chopin and his Europe. more »

news 18.08.2011 Festival Chopin and his Europe has begun!
The Symphony No. 10 by Gustav Mahler and Piano Concerto in E minor by F. Chopin were performed during the opening concert of the 7th International Festival Chopin and his Europe. more »

news 11.08.2011 A unique meeting of stars
Every new edition of the festiwal Chopin and his Europe seems to become more and more interesting. more »

news 11.08.2011 Instuments never get old
Chopin and his Europe became an important creator of the fashion for alternative ways of performing the classical repertoire. more »