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The organisers have started to grant accreditation for journalists interested in covering the 7th International Music Festival "Chopin and his Europe".

Everyone interested in receiving the accreditation is asked to fill in the accreditation form and send it by e-mail to: The submissions deadline passes on August 10th, 2011. Accreditation will be confirmed via e-mail. 

Accreditation form for download:

Accreditation for each concert will be given every day in the press point at the place where the concert takes place.

Organiser reserves the right to give negative opinion for the application request without giving a reason.


Press Materials for download:


Rules for the photographers

The organisers of the 7th International Music Festival Chopin and his Europe inform that the television groups and photo reporters are granted FREE ENTRANCE to the rehearsals and concerts which enable recording/taking photos but subjected to certain restrictions:

  1. Only acknowledged media organisations
  2. Not for archive use - only for immediate transmittion
  3. Only with the permission of the Orchestra/Conductor/Soloists/Choir
  4. All cameras and/or microphones have to be placed in the same area, which has to be easily accessible and can disturb neither the Orchestra nor the audience.
  5. Recording is permitted only for 5 to 10 minutes
  6. In case of a broadcast longer than 10 minutes, the extra payment is required.
  7. When the cameras and/or microphones are swiched off they have to be removed from the stands or directed to the flour.
  8. After the end of filming and/or recording, cameras have to be removed from the concert hall with no additional disturbance for the orchestra or the audience.
  9. In case of using the recorded material in future, the artists are to be paid the fee.

Taking pictures in the concert hall during the rehearsals is allowed but only without the flesh lamp and under one condition: the photographer and the whole equipment will work discreetly and quietly. The digital cameras can be used in the picture mode (static pictures).