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Anyone wishing to receive accreditation for the festival concerts is requested to send the completed accreditation application form to

Regulations and accreditation application form (download):

The deadline for applications is 1st August 2017. Applicants will be informed of the result of their application via email by 4th August 2017. Accreditations are awarded to a single person. The number of accreditations is limited.


The organisers of the 13th International Music Festival ‘Chopin and his Europe’ are pleased to announce that television crews and photographic journalists have free entrance to rehearsals and concerts to film and record. The following restrictions are placed on that access:

  1. Only recognised news organisations
  2. For immediate broadcast (not for archive material)
  3. Only after receiving the consent of the Orchestra/Conductor/Soloist(s) and/or Choir
  4. All cameras and/or microphones are to be placed in the same area. That area should be easily accessible and not disturb the orchestra or the audience.
  5. Recording can last no more than 5–10 minutes
  6. For transmissions exceeding that time limit, the Broadcaster will be obliged to pay a suitable fee.
  7. When cameras and/or microphones are not being used, they should be removed from their stands or turned to face the floor (as appropriate).
  8. When filming and/or recording has finished, the cameras should be removed from the hall at a suitable moment (without disturbing the orchestra or the audience).
  9. Should the material be used in future for any other purpose, the Artist (and all other artists concerned) will be paid a fee.

Non-flash photography is permitted in the hall during rehearsals on condition that the photographer and the apparatus work discreetly and quietly. Digital cameras can be used for still photographs (not motion pictures).