International Chopinological Conference 2018:  ‘The integration of a work: from miniature to large scale'


26 September (Wednesday)


13.45 – Conference opening




Jeffrey Kallberg, Chopin’s Chaise longue

Jonathan Kregor, Scaling Liszt’s ‘Hungarian Rhapsodies’


15.30–16.00 coffee break



William Helmcke, On the Role of the Polonaise Cadence in Establishing the Polonaise Genre: Chopin’s Polonaises as a Case Study

Julie Walker, Chopin’s Last Polonaises: the Evolution of the Genre Toward the Last Style

Naomi Woo, The Embodiment of Genre 

Risa Matsuo, Elementy ukraińsko-polskiej dumki w Chopinowskich balladach [Elements of the Ukrainian-Polish dumka in Chopin’s ballades]




27 September (Thursday)


Jérémi Gendron, Chopin’s ‘Counterpoint of Genres’ Compositional Technique: Incidence on the Upper-Middle Class Audiences

Judah Matras, ‘Religious Kitsch?' Sociological Perspectives on Sanctification of Secular Musics

Hazel Rowland, Against ‘religious kitsch’: Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio in C minor, Op. 66


11.00–11.30 coffee break



Agnieszka Chwiłek, The tonal structure of the finale of the Sonata in B flat minor Op. 35. Schenkerian analysis

Nikita Mamedov, Establishing Musical Apexes Through Harmonic Dissonance in Chopin's Études

Lauri Suurpää, Mazurka Op. 56, No. 3, as a Large-Scale Miniature


13.15–13.30 coffee break



Tijana Popović Mladjenović, The Sonic Perspectives or the Axes of ‘Crystal Landscapes’ in Chopin’s Cycle of Preludes Op. 28

Benedict Taylor Texture, Rotational Form, and Motivic Integration in the Adagio e Lento of Mendelssohn’s Quintet, Op. 87 


14.30–16.00 lunch break



Magdalena Oliferko, Między stylem brillant a wirtuozerią ‘patetyczną’ – Integracja formy

muzycznej w twórczości kompozytorów kręgu Chopina [Between Style Brillant and ‘Pathétique’ Virtuosity: The Integration of Musical Form in the Output of Composers from Chopin’s Circle]

Eric Grunstein, Detours and Deviations: Tonal Subversion in Chopin’s Large-Scale Works


17.00–17.15 coffee break



James Hepokoski, Revisiting Questions of Formal Structure in Chopin’s Nocturnes

Nicholas Marston, Liszt Re-members Schubert: the ‘Winterreise’ arrangements



28 September (Friday)


Ferhat Cayli, Beethoven’s Retransition Pattern in His Early Pianoforte Sonatas

Wojciech Nowik, Chopinowskie Preludium cis-moll op.45 – wśród iluzji i konkretów

Stephan Lewandowski, ‘…something new in form or expression…’ – Unanswered Questions Around Chopin’s Mazurka, Op. 30, No. 2


11.00–11.30 coffee break



Alexander Stefaniak, Composing the Priestess’s Performances: Clara Schumann’s Concerto Customizations

Zbigniew Granat, Performativity in Chopin’s Ballade in G Minor 

Inja Stanovic, ‘Brilliant but not Difficult’: amateur playing of Chopin in nineteenth-century Britain

Reiko Okabe, Sachiko Takeda, Junichi Tada, Performance Styles of Chopin’s Music by Japanese Musicians during the Meiji period


13.45–14.00 coffee break


14.00–15.00 Kenneth Hamilton, The Architecture of Chopin in Performance