Chopin! Chopin!


Dear Frederick...


With your glorious melodies you lighten up Polish moods.

Like a rushing river you carry with you our thoughts,

To our grandest moments, our patriotic thoughts,

Up to the clearest conscience, for today and tomorrow.


You overwhelmed the hearts of the Polish nation.

You made the world of flowers your own melodies.

You took on the challenge inspired by the prophet,

Freeing the notes from our souls with your genius vision.


With your chords you soothe the Polish heart.

With your melodies you bring calm to our thoughts.

Whilst the tone of your grand piano is close to the hearts

Of elites, socialites and working women alike.


The emotions came like frothy waves

When from under your fingers the harmony flew.

The willows listened whilst telling the birds to listen too

Amongst all living things and the whole world they did.


The music was of hornets buzzing and bees collecting honey,

And flowers in fields full of god- like nectar.

And of freedom and love – like all the virtues-

Forging our minds headlong towards purity.


When we need these vanishing feelings in the world of today.

When we crave a sense of normality.

You, like a pilgrim bring us salvation.

To create beauty within our souls.


With your patriotism you festoon the nation,

And awaken inside us our Slavic pride.

Please stay Polish forever,

Slavic in your mind of minds.


                                                        ( - ) Antoni Szczygieł

                                                        (translation: Michael Simson)