Zamek Ostrogskich Zamek Ostrogskich

In July, construction of a new structure, a passage beneath the western courtyard of the Ostrogski Castle, between the castle and the Chopin Centre, has begun.

The idea is to construct a modern storeroom for museum exhibits beneath the courtyard slab, as well as the additional storage space for the Chopin Centre library and storerooms for the Institute publications.

In addition, a room serving as information centre, with the Museum ticket offices and a small shop selling Institute publications, was designed. It will be situated at the ground floor with the courtyard entrance, beneath the stairs leading to Okólnik Street.  

The passage structure is of underground type, reinforced concrete

The currently standing retaining wall is to be reconstructed in present shape and decoration.

The surface area is approx. 450 square meters (including ca. 80 square meters of the information centre). Planned completion date of the construction works - end of February 2010.

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