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Acta Musicologica (Czasopismo)


Medical histories of prominent composers: Recent research and discoveries (Artykuł)

Author: Saffle Michael

Published in: Acta Musicologica Vol. 65

Year of publication: 1993

Publication: Issue 2

ISSN: 0001-6241

Physical description: pp. 77-101; Bibliog.

Sul preludio di Chopin op. 28 n. 1 (Artykuł)

Author: Pestelli Giorgio

Published in: Acta Musicologica vol. 63; issue 1

Year of publication: 1991

Publication: Issue 1

ISSN: 0001-6241

Physical description: pp. 98-114

Notes: English title: Chopin's prelude, op. 28, no. 1.

English keywords: chopin, frédéric - style - preludes, op. 28, no. 1

Ein textkritisches Problem in der Ballade op. 38 von Frédéric Chopin (Artykuł)

Author: Jonas Oswald

Published in: Acta Musicologica

Year of publication: 1963

Physical description: s. 155-158

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