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Impressions (Artykuł)

Autor: Ravel Maurice

Published in: Le Courrier Musical nr 1

Year of publication: 1910

Physical description: s. 31-32


Écrits sur Chopin (Recenzja)

Published in: Cahiers J. nr spec.

Year of publication: 1949

Physical description: s. 26-28

Reviewed item

O muzyce szopenowskiej. (Impresje) (Artykuł)

Author: Ravel Maurice

Published in: Muzyka nr 3

Year of publication: 1925

Physical description: s. 97-99

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Impressions (Artykuł)

Author: Ravel Maurice

Published in: La Revue Musicale nr 6

Year of publication: 1924/25

Physical description: s. 81-83

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