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Melos (Czasopismo)


Robert Schumanns Chopin-Bild (Artykuł)

Author: Kirsch Winfried

Published in: Melos Vol. IV/3

Year of publication: 1978

ISSN: 0025-9020

Physical description: pp. 195-200. In German.

Notes: English title: Robert Schumann's image of Chopin.

English keywords: chopin, frédéric - viewed by schumann; schumann, robert - views about chopin; criticism - schumann, r. - on chopin

Chopin, Polen und wir. Zum Chopin - Gedächtnisjahr 1949 (Artykuł)

Author: Baresel Alfred

Published in: Melos nr 10

Year of publication: 1949

Physical description: s. 295-297

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