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Musicus (Czasopismo)


Not suitable for sensitive viewers: The nocturnal striptease (Artykuł)

Published in: Musicus Vol. 32, no. 2

Year of publication: 2004

ISSN: 0256-8837

Physical description: pp. 93 - 100

Notes: Considers the "feminine" quality often ascribed to Chopin's nocturnes in light of the related contemporaneous genres of the romance and the serenade.

Die Omlyningsmetode van Abby Whiteside (Artykuł)

Author: Zyl Elsa Johanna van

Published in: Musicus vol. 20; issue 1

Year of publication: 1992

Publication: Issue 1

ISSN: 0256-8837

Physical description: pp. 35-38; Music, bibliog., index, charts, diagr.

Notes: English title: Abby Whitesides method of outlining in music.

English keywords: instruments--keyboard [piano family] - piano playing - practicing - whiteside outlining technique; whiteside, abby - theoretical works - piano playing - outlining; pedagogues - whiteside, a.

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