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Mazurka in A minor, Op. 7 No. 2 incypit

Genre: Mazurka

Key: A minor

Opus/WN: Op. 7 No. 2

Creation date: 1830-1831

Acc. to Paderewski: X/6

Acc. to Turło: 57

Instruments: piano

Composition dedicated to:

Paul Emile Johns


The second of the opus 7 mazurkas, composed in the key of A minor, brings music that is almost diametrically opposed to the music of the first. It is frail as a leaf, barely sketched, subtle and intimate. And at the same time graceful, maidenly naïve.

In the trio, a rocking kujawiak melody can be heard (in A major), composed in a particularly ingenuous and harmonious manner. It was not all at once that the A minor Mazurka acquired the form familiar to us today. In the album of Elsner’s daughter, Emilia, an earlier version was found, possessing an initial ritornel in the key of A major, taken from the music of a band of rural players, to which Chopin wrote the word Duda [Bagpipes]. It is perhaps just as well that in the final version this imitative accent was left out.

Author: Mieczysław Tomaszewski
[Cykl audycji "Fryderyka Chopina Dzieła Wszystkie"]
Polish Radio, program II


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Mazurka in A minor, Op. 7 No. 2 Op. 7 No. 2
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