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Rondo in C major [Op. 73] incypit

Genre: Rondo

Key: C major

Opus/WN: [Op. 73]

Creation date: 1828

Acc. to Fontana: 73

Acc. to Paderewski: XII/4

Acc. to Turło: 196

Instruments: piano


The Rondo in C major, originally planned as a work for solo piano, was reworked for two pianos in 1828. Yet Chopin did not allow it to be published, and it remained in his portfolio. It features a quite charming, nostalgic, minor-mode episode, repeated a couple of times, in which experts in Jewish folklore have discerned a Jewish provenance.

Author: Mieczysław Tomaszewski
[Cykl audycji "Fryderyka Chopina Dzieła Wszystkie"]
Polish Radio, program II


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Rondo in C major [Op. 73] [Op. 73]
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