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Etude in B minor, Op. 25 No. 10 incypit

Genre: Etude

Key: B minor

Opus/WN: Op. 25 No. 10

Creation date: przed 1837 (1835-1837?)

Acc. to Paderewski: II/22

Acc. to Turło: 35

Instruments: piano

Composition dedicated to:

Maria d'Agoult


Right after the ‘fluttering’ music of the G flat major Etude, a new, utterly different, tone enters the opus 25 set of Etudes, henceforth reigning supreme till the end: a serious tone, of exalted, monumental features.

On account of its ‘octave’ texture, the tenth Etude, in B minor, strikes the listener with its remarkable loudness and power. Triplets of double octaves galloping along in chromatic motion and in unison unleash a volume of sound that the piano has never experienced before. Jachimecki heard in this music ‘a hurricane threatening death and destruction’; Niecks – ‘a real pandemonium […] finally hell prevails’.

The insertion of a singing trio in B major into this demonic music (a method that Chopin had employed previously in the B minor Scherzo) was quite simply a psychological necessity. Its simple, diatonic beauty brought a contrast that is slightly tinged with irony.

Author: Mieczysław Tomaszewski
[Cykl audycji "Fryderyka Chopina Dzieła Wszystkie"]
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Etude in B minor, Op. 25 No. 10 Op. 25 No. 10
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