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Fantasy-Impromptu [Op. 66]

Title: Fantaisie Impromptu Pour Le Piano, Op. 66

Title page:
Fantasie Impromptu|POUR LE PIANO PAR|FR. CHOPIN.|OP. 66|Ent. Sta. Hall Price 3|LONDON, EWER & Co.|Berlin. A. M. Schlesinger Paris J. Meissonnier

Publisher: Ewer & co.

Publication date: c. 1860

Place of publication: United Kingdom, London


Without plate number. There are also later editions from 1865-1869 published by London publishing houses: Lamborn Cock & Co, Cramer, R. Cocks.

Other editions:

Fantasy-Impromptu [Op. 66] (French, J. Meissonnier)
Fantasy-Impromptu [Op. 66] (German, A.M. Schlesinger)

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