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Scherzo in B flat minor, Op. 31 Op. 31

Title: La Méditation. Scherzo pour le Piano Forte, Op. 31

Title page:
LE PIANISTE MODERNE.|No. 59.|LA MÉDITATION.|Scherzo|pour le|Piano Forte,|Dedié à|Madlle. Adele Furstentein [sic],|par|FREDERIC CHOPIN.|(de Varsovie)|Copyright of the Publishers.|OP. 31. Ent. Sta. Hall. Price 5|Paris, M. Schlesinger, Leipzig, Breitkopff et Härtel.|LONDON.|WESSEL & Co. Importers of Foreign Music & Publishers of all the Works of|CHOPIN, KUHLAU, CZERNY, THALBERG, HUMMEL, & c.|No. 6 Frith Street, Soho Square

Dedication: A Madlle. Adèle Furstentein [sic]

Publisher: Wessel & Co.

Publication date: 21 XI 1837

Place of publication: United Kingdom, London

Plate number: W & Co. No. 2168

Number of pages: 19


There are editions from the series Wessel & Cos Complete Collection of the Compositions of Frederic Chopin for the Piano Forte no. 32 from c. 1845 and after 1848. In the first one the  title La Méditation was deleted from the headline and all the margins on all pages and replaced with Second Scherzo. In the second one the title previously used in the headline, Le Pianiste Moderne, was deleted. The title La Méditation is mentioned on the certificate of selling the  copyrights to the composition to R. Ch. Wessel signed by the composer himself on 20th of July 1837. 

Other editions:

Scherzo in B flat minor, Op. 31 Op. 31 (French, M. Schlesinger)
Scherzo in B flat minor, Op. 31 Op. 31 (German, Breitkopf & Härtel)

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