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Mazurkas G major & B major

Pieces published in the collection:
Mazurka in B flat major
Mazurka in G major

Title: Mazur przez FF. Chopin

Title page:
Mazur przez FF. Chopin.

Publication date: 1826

Place of publication: Poland, Warsaw

Number of pages: 1+1


Headline title on a litographed loose page. The name of the composer given as a facsimile of the signature. There was also a later edition by R. Friedlein (Warsaw) from April 1851. Headline title DEUX MAZOURKAS|PAR|FRÉD. CHOPIN, 10 pages, R. 25 F.
In the next edition by M. Leitgeber in Poznań the Mazurka G major was named "Mazur Kulawy" (Lame Mazurka).

Other editions:

3 Mazurkas & Adagio (Polish, Leitgeber)

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