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Sostenuto in E flat major  [op. posth.]

Title: Waltz in E flat by F.F.Chopin

Title page:
Published for the first time|WALTZ IN E FLAT|BY|F. F. CHOPIN|(20TH July 1840.)|1 6|FRANCIS, DAY & HUNTER, LTD.|16, SOHO SQUARE, LONDON, W. I

Publisher: Francis, Day & Hunter Ltd.

Publication date: IV 1955

Place of publication: United Kingdom, London

Plate number: F & D. Ltd. 23100

Number of pages: 3


The Waltz, first published by M. J. E. Brown, was included in the complete edition of the works of Chopin in the Urtext series published by G. Henle in vol. Waltzer Anhang no 18 edited by E. Zimmermann.

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