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Mazurka in A minor (Gaillard)

Title: Mazurka Pour Le Piano (á Emile Gavard)

Title page:
MAZOURKA|POUR LE|PIANO|DÉDIÉE|à son ami Emile Gaillard|PAR|FR. CHOPIN|OP. 43. Prix 4f. 50c|à Paris, chez CHABAL, Editeur de Musique, Boulevart des Italiens, 10.|Abonnement de Musique. Dépót de Pianos de Henry Herz

Dedication: A son ami Emile Gaillard

Publisher: Chabal

Publication date: 20 I 1841

Place of publication: France, Paris

Number of pages: 5


The edition was included in an anthology Album de Pianistes Polonais Morceaux inedits - Schlesinger was to be the formal co-editor of the anthology. His name together with Chabal's name appears in the publisher's address on the title page of the whole anthology. There was also an edition without the publisher's address and without the opus number on the title page , and also an edition with a plate number Ch. 466, giving the composition the title Nouvelle Mazurka.

Other editions:

Works published posthumously - selection (Polish, Josef Kaufmann)
Mazurka in A minor (Gaillard) (German, Bote & G. Bock)

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