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Ballade in A flat major,  Op. 47

Title: Third Ballade, Op. 47

Title page:

Publisher: Wessel & Stapleton

Publication date: 20 I 1842

Place of publication: United Kingdom, London

Plate number: W & S. No. 5299

Number of pages: 15


The title is placed in the headline of the first page. On the title page there is the main title of the series: Wessel & Cos Complete Collection of the Compositions of Frederic Chopin for the Piano Forte with the number 50 hand-written, and also a list of abridged titles of all already published works with numbers from 1 to 55, including whole and divided works up to number 51. There was also a later edition published after 1856, in which the list was completed and includes whole and divided opuses from 1 to 64 nr 3 marked with numbers 1-71. In that edition the invalid publisher's address was deleted.

Other editions:

Ballade in A flat major, Op. 47 (French, M. Schlesinger)
Ballade in A flat major, Op. 47 (German, Breitkopf & Härtel)

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