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Impromptu in G flat major,  Op. 51

Title: 3E Impromptu Pour Piano, Op. 51

Title page:
3E.|IMPROMPTU|POUR|Piano,|dédié à Madame|la Comtesse Esterhazy|née Comtesse Bathyany[sic]|PAR|F. CHOPIN.|A.V.|Op: 51. Prix 6f.|A PARIS, chez MAURICE SCHLESINGER, Rue Richelieu, 97.|Londres, Wessel et Stapleton. Leipzig, F. Hofmeister

Dedication: A Madame la Comtesse Esterházy née Comtesse Balthyany [sic]

Publisher: M. Schlesinger

Publication date: 8 V 1843

Place of publication: France, Paris

Plate number: M. S. 3847

Format: 32 cm

Number of pages: 9



There is a edition added as a supplement to Schelinger's Gazette Musicale from 9th July 1843, with a significant error – the music from page 5 was by mistake printed on page 3 and music from page 3 on page 5. Chopin asked Schlesinger to correct the mistake in his letter from 22nd July 1843 from Nohant.


Other editions:

Impromptu in G flat major, Op. 51 (German, Hofmeister)
Impromptu in G flat major, Op. 51 (English, Wessel & Co.)

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