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Moderato in E major [op. posth.]

Title: Nieznany utwór Fryderyka Chopina

Title page:
Nieznany utwór Fryderyka Chopina

Editor: Henryk Pachulski

Publication date: 4 VI 1910

Place of publication: Poland, Warsaw

Journal: "Świat" nr 23

Number of pages: 1


The composition was prepared for publication by Henryk Pachulski on the basis of a manuscript copy. The facsimile of the dedication and the composer's signature reproduced in the edition do not match exactly the dedication and signature from the manuscript kept in The Chopin Muzesum in Warsaw (TIFC F.6653). That facsimile was also printed in a self-contained edition of the composition, with the title similar to the one known today: Feuille d'album |NIEZNANY UTWÓR|Fryderyka Chopina.|Wydanie na rzecz pomnika Fryderyka Chopina w Warszawie|COMPOSITION INÉDITE DE|Frédéric Chopin.|Edition au profit du monument de|Frédéric Chopin á Varsovie.|Nakładem komitetu budowy pomnika Chopina w Warszawie|EN DEPOT|VARSOVIE|GEBETHENR & WOLFF|..., one page, G 5203 W [1912].

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