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Mazurkas Op. 6

Pieces published in the collection:
Mazurka in F sharp minor, Op. 6 No. 1
Mazurka in C sharp minor, Op. 6 No. 2
Mazurka in E major, Op. 6 No. 3 Op. 6 No. 3
Mazurka in E flat minor, Op. 6 No. 4

Title: Quatre Mazurkas pour le Pianoforte, Op. 6

Title page:
Quatre|MAZURKAS|pour le|PIANOFORTE|composées et dédiées|à Mademoiselle la Comtesse|PAULINE PLATER|par|FRÉD. CHOPIN.|Liv. 1. Oeuvre 6. Pr. 10 Gr.| Propriété des Editeurs.|Enregistré aux Archives de l'Union.|Leipzig, chez Fr. Kistner.|Paris, chez M. Schlesinger.|996

Dedication: A Mademoiselle la Comtesse Pauline Plater

Publisher: Kistner

Publication date: I 1833

Place of publication: Germany, Leipzig

Plate number: 996

Format: 32 cm

Number of pages: 9



The edition does not include the Mazurka in C major Op. 6 No. 5. 

There are at least three newly etched editions. The editions differ in some detailes in the text such as differences in pedalization, shape of letters and figures. Apart from that, their title pages, bearing the same head title Nouvelle Edition, have slightly changed prices: 1) 12 1/2 Ngr/10 g Gr, 2) 12 1/2 Ngr, 3) 1. 25 Mk. The second of the mentioned editions has also different shape of letters in the dedication.

Other editions:

Mazurkas Op. 6 (French, M. Schlesinger)
Mazurkas Op. 6 (English, Wessel & Co.)

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