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Variations in A major (Souvenir de Paganini) [Op. posth.] [op. posth.]

Title: Fr. Chopin, Souvenir de Paganini

Title page:
WYDAWNICTWA|ECHA|MUZYCZNEGO|...|Fr. Chopin, Souvenir de Paganini 37 1/2|WARSZAWA.|Skład główny w Redakcji "Echa Muzycznego"|Ulica Sienna No. 13.|Dozw. Cenzuroju Warszawa 26 fiewrala 1881.|w lit. Mękarskiego 38 Krakowskie Przedm. W Warszawie. Echo Muz. No. 5

Publication date: 1881

Place of publication: Poland, Warsaw

Journal: "Echo Muzyczne" nr 5

Number of pages: 8


[pages 33-40]. The composition was prepared for publication by the magazin's editor Jan Kleczyński, and not included in a new complete edition of Chopin's works published by Gebethner & Wolff and edited by this published house itself. The composition remained unknown for quite a long time, although it was published in XIII volume of PWM-IFC edition. As a proof the publication Souvenir de Paganini published in 1956 in the series Classical Discoveries in London Publishing House Elkin & Co. can be given.

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