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Mazur in G major for Vaclav Hanka (words I. Maciejowski) [op. posth.]

Title page:
Dalibor. Časopis pro všecky obory uměni hudebniho, 1879 Ročnik I

Dedication: Vaclav Hanka

Editor: Otakar Hostinský

Publication date: 1879

Place of publication: Czech Republic, Dolibor

Number of pages: 1


[Page 46] The list of publications on the title page suggests that Kaufmann was the first editor who included the composition under the name Mazurka pour le chant in the series Oeuvres posthumes printed without the composer's name. That information however in not confirmed by any sources and, just like in the case of Polonaise G flat major, the copy of the publication advertised in Kurier Warszawski on 5th of July 1868 has not been found.

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