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Waltz in E major [op. posth.]

Title: Walc F. Chopina

Title page:
ALBUM|Towarzystwa muzycznego|we Lwowie|za rok 1861. Walc. Fryd. Chopina|z rękopisu z R. 1829

Publisher: Towarzystwo Muzyczne we Lwowie

Publication date: 1861

Place of publication: Ukraine, Lviv

Plate number: 343

Number of pages: 2


[pages 6-7]. There is also a separate edition from 1871, that was regarded as the first edition: VALSE|pour le|PIANO|par|FR. CHOPIN|Oeuvre posthume|Propriéte [!] de l'editeur Pr. 50 kr.|CRACOVIE,|W. CHABERSKI|k. k. Hoflith & Steindr. v. G. Wegelein Wien, 5 pages.

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