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Polonaise in A flat major [op. posth.]

Title: Polonaise As-dur

Title page:
Polonaise|AS DUR.|Fr. Chopin

Editor: Leon Chojecki

Publication date: III 1909

Place of publication: Poland, Warsaw

Plate number: L 625 Ch.

Journal: "Nowości Muzyczne" nr 3

Number of pages: 2 [pp. 2-3]


For the first time Polonaise was incuded in the complete edition of Chopin's works by Ricordi Publishing House (ed. A. Brugnoli).

Other editions:

Polonaise in A flat major [op. posth.] (Polish, Gebethner i Wolff)
Two Polonaises [op. posth.] (German, "Die Musik" nr 8)

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