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Waltzes [Op. 69]

Pieces published in the collection:
Waltz in A flat major [Op. 69 No. 1] [Op. 69 No. 1]
Waltz in B minor [Op. 69 No. 2] [Op. 69 No. 2]

Title: 2 Valses des oeuvres posthumes

Title page:
2|VALSES|No. 1 à 2|4e. Livraison|des oeuvres posthumes|DE|F. CHOPIN|A.V.|J.M. 3526

Publisher: J. Meissonnier

Publication date: VII 1855

Place of publication: France, Paris

Plate number: J. M. 3526

Number of pages: 10

Other editions:

Waltzes [Op. 69] (German, A.M. Schlesinger)

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