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Etudes de la Methode des Methodes

Pieces published in the collection:
Etude in A flat major from Trois Nouvelles Etudes (No. 2)
Etude in D flat major from Trois Nouvelles Etudes (No. 3)
Etude in F minor from Trois Nouvelles Etudes (No. 1)

Title: Etudes de perfectionement, New Studies for the Piano Forte

Title page:
ETUDES DE PERFECTIONNEMENT,|New Studies|FOR THE|Piano Forte.|EXPRESSLY COMPOSED|to form tha concluding Part of|"The Complete System of Instruction",|By J. Moscheles & F. J. Fetis,|By the following Eminent Writers.|J. MOSCHELES, E. WOLFF,|F. CHOPIN, J. ROSENHAIN,|S. THALBERG, F. MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY,|A. HENSELT, J. BENEDICT,|S. HELLER,|T. DÖHLER,|F.LISZT, AND W. STERNDALE BANNETT.|Ent. Sta. Hall Price 12s|LONDON.|Published by CHAPPELL, Music Seller to Her Majesty, 50, New Bond Street.|Coutts Sculpt.|PARIS, CHEZ SCHLESINGER

Publisher: Chappell

Publication date: 1841

Place of publication: United Kingdom, London

Plate number: 6084

Number of pages: 6 (pp. 10-15)


First impression unlocated.

There was also an adition of the Etudes published in the series George Alexandre Macfarrens Universal Library of Pianoforte Music. London Jullien & Co. 1854. The first Etude in F minor was published in a different version - allegedly based on the autograph in a different measure - in the complete edition published by Oxford University Press [T. I. Etudes] by Eduard Ganche in 1932. The authenticity of the source used by Ganche was questioned by Arthur Hedley  who published in 1940 the Etude in F minor on the basis of an autograph that was in his possession and deliberately corrected Ganche's edition.

Other editions:

Etudes de la Methode des Methodes (French, M. Schlesinger)
Etudes de la Methode des Methodes (German, A.M. Schlesinger)

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