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Piano concerto in E minor,  Op. 11

Title: Concerto Pour Le Piano avec accompagnement d'Orchestre, Op. 11

Title page:
CONCERTO|Pour Le Piano|avec accompagnament|D'ORCHESTRE|Dédié à Monsieur|F. KALKBRENNER|PAR Fréd. Chopin.|Op: 11.|PRIX:|Avec Orchestre: 24f.|Piano seul: 12f.|Propriété des Editeurs|PARIS, chez MAURICE SCHLESINGER, Md. De Musique Editeur des OEuvres de Mozart, Rossini & c. Rue Richelieu No 97|LeipsicK ches Kistner

Dedication: A Monsieur F. Kalkbrenner

Publisher: M. Schlesinger

Publication date: 8 VI 1833

Place of publication: France, Paris

Plate number: M. S. 1409

Format: 33 cm

Number of pages: 44



[pages 44 + Orchestral Parts: Violino primo 8 pages, Violino secondo 7 pages, Viola 6 pages, Violoncello 7 pages, Basso 5 pages, Flauto 1o. 4 pages, Flauto 2o. 3 pages, Oboe 1o. 3 pages, Oboe 2o. 3 pages, Clarinetto 1o. En Ut. 1 page, Corno 1o. En Mi. 3 pages, Corno 2o. En Ut. 1 page, Corno 2o. en Mi. 3 pages, Tromba 1ma en Ut. 1 page, Tromba 2a. en Ut. 1 page, Trombone 1 page, Timpani 1 page]

An incorrect plate number M. S. 1419. printed on page 8.

There is an edition with the number of the concerto printed on the title page [1ER], and also with a changed price: PRIX Avec Orchestre 20f., as well as an edition with changed both publisher's address and price - published by Brandus after 1845.

Other editions:

Piano concerto in E minor, Op. 11 (German, Kistner)
Piano concerto in E minor, Op. 11 (English, Wessel & Co.)

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