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Polonaise in G sharp minor [op. posth.]

Title: Polonaise pour le Piano-Forte

Title page:
POLONAISE|pour le Piano-Forte|composée et dediée|à Me Du-Pont|par| FR.CHOPIN.|OEUVRE POSTHUME.|Propriété de l'Editeur|VARSOVIE JOSEF KAUFMANN.|20

Dedication: A Madame Du-Pont

Publisher: Josef Kaufmann

Publication date: 1864

Place of publication: Poland, Warsaw

Plate number: 20

Number of pages: 5


Kaufmann also included this composition in the anthology "Musical World" (Świat Muzykalny) published in his publishing house since 1871. In both editions he gives  the presumed age of the composer - 14 years of age, according to the authograph and the dedication.

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