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Fantasy on Polish Airs, Op. 13 Op. 13

Title: Fantaisie Brillante sur des Airs Nationaux Polonois, pour le Piano Forte, Op. 13

Title page:
LIV. 21.|ALBUM DES PIANISTES DE PREMIÈRE FORCE.|FANTAISIE BRILLANTE,|sur des|AIRS NATIONAUX POLONOIS,|pour le|Piano Forte,|Composée et dediée à son ami|J. P. PIXIS,|PAR|FRED. CHOPIN.|de (Varsovie)|Copyright.|OP. 13. Ent. Sta. Hall.|Price 5|Orchestral Accompts. 7|Paris, M. Schlesinger. Leipzig, F. Kistner.|LONDON,|WESSEL & Co. Importers of Foreign Music, and Publisher of FOREIGN MUSIC,|(by special Appointment) to H. R. H. the Duches of Kent, the WORKS,|No. 6, Frith Street, Soho Square.|WHERE ARE LIKEWISE PUBLISHED BY THE SAME AUTHOR.|"HOMAGE [!] a MOZART", Grand. Var: on "LA CI DAREM" 6/6|"LES MURMURES DE LA SEINE, 3 NOCTURNES, Op. 9|in 2 Books, each 2/6|"SOUVENIR de la POLOGNE",|8 MAZURKAS, Op 6 & 7. 2 Books, each 2/6|FOUR MAZURKAS op: 17, 3d. Book 4,|"LES ZEPHIRS" , TROIS NOCTURNES Op. 15: 3.|RONDO ELEGANT in E flat Op. 16:4|GRAND STUDIES, in 2 Books, each 6.|Op. 11, GRAND CONCERTO in E minor, Ded: to KALKBRENNER 9

Dedication: A son ami J. P. Pixis

Publisher: Wessel & Co.

Publication date: 15 IV 1834

Place of publication: United Kingdom, London

Plate number: W & Co. No. 1083

Number of pages: 19


There is an edition published in the series Wessel & Cos Complete Collection of the Compositions of Frederic Chopin for the Piano Forte no. 12 from after 1856, in which the publisher added: Copyright of Wessel & Co.

The first edition of the score: 'Erste kritisch durchgesehene Gesammtausgabe' vol. XII, Leipzig, Breitkopf und Härtel 1880. First edition with piano accompaniment: C. REINECKE, Leipzig, Breitkopf und Härtel (Ho 1880-1885)

Other editions:

Fantasy on Polish Airs, Op. 13 Op. 13 (French, M. Schlesinger)
Fantasy on Polish Airs, Op. 13 Op. 13 (German, Kistner)

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