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3 Mazurkas & Adagio

Pieces published in the collection:
Mazurka in D major [op. posth.]
Lento con gran espressione in C sharp minor [op. posth.]
Mazurka in G major
Mazurka in B flat major

Title: Trzy Mazury i Adagio. Utwory młodości Fryderyka Chopina

Title page:
TRZY MAZURY|i Adagio|utwory młodości|FRYDERYKA CHOPINA|wydał|M. A. SZULC.|POZNAŃ |M. LEITGEBER i SPÓŁKA.|cena 3 złote.|Lith. Anst. Von W Benicke, Leipzig

Publisher: Leitgeber

Editor: M. A. Szulc

Publication date: 5 I 1875

Place of publication: Poland, Poznan

Plate number: M. L. 18

Number of pages: 7


Mazurka D major - pages 5-6, Lento con gran espressione - pages 9-11, Mazurka B flat major - 1 page, Mazurka G major - 1 page. This edition is the first edition of Mazurka D major and Lento con gran espressione. The Mazurkas B flat major and G major were published earlier for the first time. 
Lento con gran espressione
was reprinted in the music annex to Echo Muzyczne, Teatralne i Artystyczne No. 580 from 1894 under the title Adagio Nokturn "Reminiscencya". However, the title Adagio didn't catch on. In later separate editions, for example in N. Janothy's edition, Londyn E. Ascherberg, 1894, it appears as Nocturne.
K. Mikuli added the composition to the Nocturnes volume of his complete edition of Chopin's works [printed by Bessel]. But the composition was not mentioned neither in Erste krotosch durchgesehene Gesammtausgabe Breitkopf & Härtel nor in next publications of Gebethner & Wolff.

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Mazurkas G major & B major (Polish)

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