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Rondo in E flat major,  Op. 16

Title: Rondo Pour Piano-Forte, Op. 16

Title page:
RONDO|POUR|Piano - Forte|dédié à son Eleve|Mademoiselle| Caroline Hartmann|par|FRÉD. CHOPIN.|Op: 16|Propriété des Editeurs|A PARIS, Chez Ignace PLEYEL et Cie. Boulevt. Montmartre|Leipzig, chez Breitkopf et Härtel. (I.P.16.) Londres, Chez Wessel et Cie.

Dedication: Mademoiselle Caroline Hartmann

Publisher: Ignace Pleyel et Cie

Publication date: I 1834

Place of publication: France, Paris

Plate number: I. P. 16.

Format: 34 cm

Number of pages: 18



The edition was soon given to Schlesinger, which clearly appears from the publishing advertisements from 12th and 23rd volumes of Gazette Musicale de Paris from 23rd of March and 8th of April. The initials of the publisher and the plate number (M.S.1703) visible both in the text and on the title page. There is also the price 7f. 50 added.

Other editions:

Rondo in E flat major, Op. 16 (German, Breitkopf & Härtel)
Rondo in E flat major, Op. 16 (English, Wessel & Co.)

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