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Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Konrad Adenauer Foundation

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation is a German political foundation. It was created in 1956 as the Society for Christian Democratic Education Work, and since 1964 has borne the name of the first federal chancellor of Germany. Its main aim is political education, pursued on a national and international level, in favour of peace, freedom and justice. Other important goals are the strengthening of democracy, support for European unity and enhancing transatlantic relations. The foundation is represented throughout virtually the whole world; it has almost sixty foreign branches and its projects are realised in over one hundred and twenty countries.

The Foundation in Poland

In order to support the process of political, social and economic change that began in Poland in June 1989, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation was the first German political foundation to open an office in Warsaw. The date was 10 November 1989, two months after the forming of Tadeusz Mazowiecki's government. The fact that the first branch of the Adenauer Foundation in the former ‘Eastern Bloc' countries was opened in Poland constituted a mark of recognition for the Polish people, who had fought for freedom over many years, ultimately bringing about the fall of the communist dictatorship and an end to the division of Europe, including that of Germany.

The Foundation's basic activities are the following:

  • supporting creative activity in all artistic fields and disciplines, as well as cultural publications and periodicals;
  • assisting ventures that promote active participation in culture and cultural education;
  • backing initiatives that serve the protection of national heritage.


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