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The Warsaw Scientific Society (TNW)

The Warsaw Scientific Society (TNW)

The Warsaw Scientific Society (TNW) was founded in 1907 as an ideological continuation of The Warsaw Society of The Friends of Sciences in Warsaw (since 1807 The Royal Society of The Friends of Sciences) active in the years 1800-1831. After it had been created in 1907, mainly the members of the Warsaw Academy of Sciences (since 1919 the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences) participated in TNW. The social changes in our country at the beginning of the 1980s brought the revival of the idea of continuation of the Warsaw Scientific Society and later also of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (1990).

On 180. anniversary of the creation of The Society of the Friends of Sciences in Warsaw (23. 11. 1980) there was a meeting of professors, former members of The Warsaw Scientific Society, representing the departments of the Society. They accepted the need of its official revival, of calling scientific meetings and of publications, including, first of all, reissuing of "TNW Annual". A list of living members of the Society as well as the list of the departed were created. In may 1981 a general meeting was held. It passed a resolution re-establishing TNW and the Provisional Board, the head of which became Wiktor Kemula, a prominent Polish chemist. The list of founder members included 40 persons; the Society was registered on the 4th December 1981. The first seat was Tadeusz Kotarbiński's study in Pałac Staszica (shared with The Polish Society of Philosophy). The Provisional Board ceased to function during a general meeting in October 1982. The Board was chosen then, consisting of 18 members, including the president and the secretaries of the departments; Wiktor Kumela became the president of the Board.

The report of the first year of activity was included in "The Warsaw Scientific Society Annual" published in 1984 (by desktop publishing). It contained information about resuming of the activity, basic data, statute, texts of lectures by Stefan Kieniewicz ("From The Society of the Friends of Sciences to The Warsaw Scientific Society") and by Henryk Samsonowicz ("The origins of Warsaw's capital city status"), a collection of posthumous memoires of TNW members and the list of members who died since the beginnings of the Society. Since 1983 new members have been chosen; an old system of admitting new members by means of recomendation given by current members (through departments), a then by approving of the candidates (for ordinary and correspondence members) during general meetings was preserved.


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