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The Royal Castle in Warsaw

The Royal Castle in Warsaw


The beginnings of the Rolyal Castle in Warsaw go back to the Middle Ages. A former residence of the Mazowiecki princes and the Polish kings as well as the seat of the Polish Republic Sejm (Parliament). After Poland had regained its independence in 1918 the Castle became the residence of the president of the Republic. It was bombed during the war in September 1939 and blown up by the Nazis in 1944.

The idea of rebuilding the castle was not approved of by the comunist authorities for many years. Eventually only in 1971 the decision about the reconstruction was made up due to the country's intellectual elites who had been sparing no efforts to restore this symbol of the Polish statehood.

The castle was rebuilt solely thanks to the donations of the Poles in the country and abroad. The elements of stonework, moulding, woodcarving, relics of wall paintings that had survived the war damages were built in the walls during the recostruction that lasted from 1971 to 1984. The interior was decorated with the rescued, genuine works of art.

The Castle is a monument of the national history and culture. Every year hundreds of visitors draw their knowledge of history from it and develop their aesthetic sensitivity. It is a place of cultural events and state ceremonies, often visited by the political celebrities.

The apartments were reconstructed on the basis of the source materials according to the function which they had fulfilled in the times of king Stanisław August (1764-1795). The interiors are decoreated with the rescued works of art that belonged to the former furnishings of the Castle, such as paintings by Bernardo Belotto called Canaletto, Marcelo Bacciarelli, Jan Bogumił Plersch, sculptures by Andrzej Le Brun and Jakub Monaldi, bronze by Phillipe Caffieri the younger and French furniture from the second half of the 18th century. A subsatntial part of the furnishing constitutes of the gifts presented to the Castle by heads of states and governments as well as the purchases made in the present times.


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