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Les Fils de B. Schott

Les Fils de B. Schott

A family publishing business founded in Mayence by Bernhard Schott around 1780 and later run by his sons Johann Andreas and Johann Joseph. They developed their father's businss by taking over some other publishing houses by 1818. B.Schott & Sons had its branches in Antwerp, Paris (since 1826), London (since 1835) and Leipzig (since about 1840). The company survived through World War II almost intact (among others, over 600 Beethoven's letters). The publishing house issued the works of such composers as: Herz, Thalberg, Paganini, Chopin, and later Wagner, StrawiƄski, Hindemith, Orff.


Publisher printed the following Chopin first editions:

Mazurka in A minor (Notre temps) (1842), plate number: 6493. 2
Polonaise in G sharp minor [op. posth.] (1864), plate number: 17943
Waltz in E minor [op. posth.] (1868), plate number: 19551
Polonaise in G flat major [Op. posth.] [op. posth.] (1870), plate number: 20029
Mazurka in C major [op. posth.] (1870), plate number: 20030.

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