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A publishing house, founded in Leipzig. In 1831 Friedrich Kistner (1797-1844) purchased H.A. Probst's publishing house that had existed in Leipzig since 1823. Until 1835 Kistner was still publishing under Probst's imprint, later it became known as Kistner's publishing house. After Friedrich's death the company was taken over by his brother Julius who successfully continued his brother's publishing activity. In 1866 he retired and handed the publishing business over to his long-standing associate, C.F.L. Gurckhaus. He reorganized the company and closed down the printing house.

In 1919 the publishing house was purchased by the Linnemann brothers, who had already been active on the publishing market and had been running the firm C.F.W. Siegel since the death of its founder in 1869. The former Kistner's publishing house functioned in Leipzig till 1944 under the imprint Fr. Kistner & C.F.W. Siegel. During World War II the publishing house was damaged and re-established in 1948 under the changed imprint Fr. Kistner & Siegel & Co. The publishing house is now seated in Brühl (

In publications catalogues one can find, apart from Chopin's compositions, the works of such composers as: F. Mendelssohn, R. Schumann, F. Hiller, I. Moscheles, F. Liszt, as well as Polish composers: K. Lipiński and H. Wieniawski.


Publisher printed the following Chopin first editions:

Etudes Op. 10 - Book 1 (1833), plate number: 1018
Etudes Op. 10 - Book 2 (1833), plate number: 1019
Piano concerto in E minor, Op. 11 (1833), plate number: 1020. 1021. 1022.
Nocturnes Op. 9 (1833), plate number: 995
Mazurkas Op. 6 (1833), plate number: 996
Mazurkas Op. 7 (1833), plate number: 997
Trio in G minor, Op. 8 Op. 8 (1833), plate number: 999
Fantasy on Polish Airs, Op. 13 Op. 13 (1834), plate number: 1033, 1034
Rondo a la krakowiak in F major, Op. 14 Op. 14 (1834), plate number: 1038. 1039

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