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E. Troupenas & Co.

E. Troupenas & Co.

A Parisian publishing house established in 1825 by Eugene Troupenas. After the founder's death in 1850 the business was taken over by Brandus's company. It owes its success on the publishing market first of all to Troupenas's close relations with Rossini and Auber. In the years 1926-29 in this very publishing house the first editions of the four last Rossini's operas were published.


Publisher printed the following Chopin first editions:

Sonata in B flat minor, Op. 35 (1840), plate number: T. 891
Impromptu in F sharp major, Op. 36 (1840), plate number: T. 892
Nocturnes Op. 37 (1840), plate number: T. 893
Ballade in F major, Op. 38 (1840), plate number: T. 925
Scherzo in C sharp minor, Op. 39 Op. 39 (1840), plate number: T. 926
Polonaises Op. 40 (1840), plate number: T 977
Mazurkas Op. 41 (1840), plate number: T. 978
Variation in E major from Hexameron on the march from Bellini's opera I puritani, Op. 29 A Op. 29 A (1841), plate number: T. 1066
Tarantella in A flat major, Op. 43 Op. 43 (1841), plate number: T. 1073.

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